In 1982, the Library and Faculty of Science, Srinakharinwirot University, Maha Sarakham began.The project to preserve native plants later joined with Maha Sarakham Province as follows: The Botanical Project and the Isan Wood Varieties Information Center are aimed at preserving and propagating plants. The local government has prepared documents to disseminate and train nature conservation for the people and young people. There is an area of operation at Kud Daeng Public Utilities, Ban Keng, Keng Sub-district, Mueang District, Province. 237 rai of Mahasarakham, named "Plant Garden and Isan Woodbreed Information Center"

September 28, 1988, received the grace of Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Walailak Her Royal Highness gave the name of this garden as "Walai Ruukkavej Park".Based on the success of this project, Maha Sarakham Province asked the university to expand its area. The project was presented to the Kokdong Keng Public Utilities Area, Nadun District, Maha Sarakham Province. 550 rai. The first phase of operation was funded by the Isan Green Project for a period of time. Four years from 1989 to 1992, the total budget was 20,689,520 baht.

1994 The university established this project as a university agency. He was given the name "Valai Rookkavej Research Institute" and announced the establishment in the Royal Gazette On September 7, 1992,Srinakharinwirot University Mahasarakham has been upgraded to a university. Mahasarakham is affiliated with the Department of University, Walai Rukkavej Research Institute. Therefore, it is under Management of Maha Sarakham University The Ministry of University has announced the division of government in Maha Sarakham University by Set up a secretariat in the Walai Rookkhavej Research Institute.

2005-Present Open curriculum learning at the level Doctorate in Biological Diversity

2010-Present Open teaching course at the master's degree in Diversity Biological. Both courses are accredited. From the Board of Directors. Higher Education Ministry of Education

General Information

Philosophy " The Wise One Should Be a People "

vision "The number one research institution in multidisciplinary fields. Biology and local wisdom of Thailand"

organizational values "Be determined to make one."

Main performance "Diversity expertise Biological and local intelligence."


1. Committed to creating research on biodiversity and local intelligence.

2. Bachelor of Science in Biological Diversity and Local Intelligence

3. Provide academic services on biodiversity and local wisdom to the community and society.

4. Conservation, recovery and inheritance of local culture and knowledge on biodiversity.

5. Manage the organization according to good governance and focus on the achievements of the work.


Strategy 1 Produces graduates to meet the needs of global society.

Strategy 2: Creating research and innovation for international excellence

Strategy 3 provides academic services to meet industrial and sector needs civil society

The 4th strategy preserves Isan art and culture to be outstanding.

Strategy 5 Manage Organizations for Being Smart Universities