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Wetland and climate change 2019

Wetland and climate change 2019

Between 6-7th February 2019, WRBRI hold world wetland day festival in the theme of “Wetland and Climate Change” by professor Preecha Prathepa, vice president of Mahasarakham University and Mr.Mongkol Anpanya, chief of Kerng sub-district administration make a welcome speech. Associate professor Weerachai Saijuntha, director of WRBRI, gave the speech about the objective of the world wetland day which is on 2nd of February. The activities were hold to stimulate the realization of communities in conservation of wetland in the context of land development and climate change.

The activities are consisting of reed-mat weaving contest, fish catching, pig catching, rice-transplant contest, science education activity from Faculty of Science, dye exhibition, and other wetland related activities from educational service department, Mahasarakham University.

In 7th February, WRBI hold the seminar in the topic of “The sustainable development of Kud-Dang wetland”. The participants include of deputy of sub-district administration office, representatives from the communities in the vicinity, academics, and researchers. The ideas from this seminar include the developing of organic farming and ecotourism.


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